Our native utility tokens created for the LUX Payband application are created on the Stellar Blockchain.

LUX Payband utility tokens (PYBC) fuel our festival an events ecosystem through in event loyalty rewards redemptions. Our utility tokens are not to be utilized or held for the expectation of futures profits, speculation or buying and or selling in any capacity in any capacity whatsoever.

  • 90%

    Percentage of Tokens lack Use Cases

  • 19%

    Red Flags in all Tokens

  • 47%

    Percentage of Tokens Fail

The Problem

Most tokenized projects have little to no actual utility. Tokenization is the process of issuing a digital token of an asset on a blockchain. LUX Payband utility tokens enable speed and efficient of exchange between our consumers and merchants.

  • Lack of Utility
  • No Speculative Assets
  • No Real Use Case

LUX Payband Utility Tokens & Use Cases

Most tokens have little to no actual utility. Thus, creating tokens that have no real-world use cases.

Our utility tokens enable our patrons the ability to redeem our tokens for the exchange of goods and services, and loyalty & reward redemptions. Our LUX Payband application will be as simple as pairing a wristband, downloading our proprietary software and start exchanging our utility tokens for goods and services and redemptions.

Disclosure Agreement

Our utility tokens are created for use within our festival an events ecosystem. Users acknowledge an agree, by using, to not utilize our tokens for any speculative expectation of future profits whatsoever and assume any and all risk for such usage. None of our utility tokens are US dollar equivalents nor substitutes. We discourage any and all speculating, buying or selling and or investing, any of our utility tokens as such.

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Ticket purchased

  • Date April 1st
  • Event Name Concert
  • Quantity 1 Ticket
  • Total $30
  • Ticket Sent to Lux Payband

Concert purchases

  • In Event Use & Rewards



All LUX Payband Utility tokens may be accessed on all Stellar Wallets for in event usage.

Our tokens may be stored on all Stellar wallets. We do not recommend any wallet over another. In fact, we strongly recommend doing your own due diligence on selecting a wallet for use.


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