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LUX Payband is one of the world’s first contactless tokenized wristband applications built on the Stellar Blockchain for tokenized loyalty & rewards redemptions.

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  • Date April 1st
  • Event Name Concert
  • Quantity 1 Ticket
  • Total $30
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One of the World’s First Contactless Blockchain Tokenized Wristband Reward & Redemption Applications

Lux Payband enables users to safely pair Stellar blockchain digital wallets and compatible wristbands. Enabling contactless in event token redemptions for the exchange of goods and services.

All Stellar tokens are useable on Lux Payband.

Lux Payband enables merchants and vendors to seamlessly accept tokens for the exchange of goods and services.

Lux Payband also pairs with compatible cards, key fobs and devices for transacting of goods and services.

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We Made Pairing Easy

Simply click the link and get Lux Payband connected for use in no time!

Redeeming loyalty points & rewards for in event goods and services has never been easier. Simply get paired, swipe and enjoy your strawberry margarita!


Chicago Food Truck Festival
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Lux Payband Has Multiple Advantages Over Using Other Loyalty & Reward Cards

Merchants enjoy incredibly low fees of $0.000004 per transaction and settlement times of five seconds. Whereas traditional banks charge 2% to 5% on all transactions and require days to settle.

In Event Loyalty & Rewards Redemptions.

As for security, Lux Payband pairs with the consumer’s wallet, so no funds are stored on the application.

Lux Payband may be used at festivals and events, conferences, restaurants and more!


Delux Event Wallet Is A Digital Ticket Wallet

Created for festivals and events. Users can search events, purchase tickets, merchandise. Tickets are stored as tokens scannable QR codes for quick scan and entry. Users are also able to redeem their tokens within events. Event Wallet also pairs with Lux Payband for in event wristband payments.


Our Benefits

Our native utility tokens are used for contactless exchange and redemption within our events ecosystems.

Our utility tokens also serve as an in-event contactless payment bridge for ticketing, merchant and vendors.

Our utility tokens are also used at festivals and events to incentivize customer loyalty and retention with fee reductions.

Our utility tokens may also be sent to family and friends. Sharing is caring!


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