Blockchain ticketing and tokenization made simple powering an ecosystem of festival and events.

Our event wallet, in development, will be a contactless Stellar blockchain based digital wallet where merchants and users list and browse events. Users can browse and register for participating festivals & events.



Our app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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User Benefits

Users can browse and register for participating festivals & events while boasting lower ticket registration fees than most ticketing apps; faster scanning and entry as transactions are blockchain based; and instant and full merchant payment settling removing all middleman bank fees.

Moreover, merchants and vendors can list their events, food, beverages & merchandise at participating festivals and events. Thus, enabling tokenized redemption for goods and services.

Get Started

Users simply download and register thus gaining full access to all our participating festivals and events.

Users can browse a series of participating festival & events from a user-friendly design; make secure payments utilizing Stripe’s payment technology and utilize our utility tokens as contactless in event digital tickets and more!

Our event wall will also enable users to send tokenized tickets, food & beverage directly to friends and family. A cool transfer feature for sharing! The future of digital event ticketing.

Our event wallet is designed solely as an innovative medium for tokenized ticketing, merchandise, food & beverage storage and usage. Not as a long term digital wallet for storing of your digital assets. Though we utilize industry leading security, our digital wallet is designed specifically for short term in event festival and event redemptions.

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