Ecosystem Usage

PYBC (Payband Coin), USDP (Payband Dollar) and (POINTS) are utility tokens created on the Stellar Blockchain.

In addition, to affording event cash safety and contactless payments, our tokens maybe used in event only for loyalty redemptions and the exchange of goods and services.

We caution using governance protocols. Such usage poses risk of token loss. As governance protocols are new and innovative blockchain developments for community building but are not without inherent risks.

AQUA governance management layer


AQUA (Aquarius) adds a governance protocol layer and helps power a new generation of Stellar projects.

In fact, AQUA is specifically used for governance voting on the Stellar Blockchain. AQUA is a community driven project. Where the community creates and votes on governance proposals for on-chain voting.

What is AQUA token?

AQUA is the token for on-chain voting in Aquarius. AQUA holders can vote using the token with the governance protocol.

Disclosure Agreement: As with any governance ecosystem, there are risks and uncertainties. Such that token losses may occur. Indeed, loss events have been fairly frequent in blockchain and crypto applications. Ponzi schemes, application scams and other fraud schemes have been common. The AQUA platform is no exception for the inherent risks. Users are strongly encouraged to do proper research. In fact, it is not recommended for inexperienced users to participate in any blockchain governance application. As currently, most jurisdictions do not recognize blockchain governance applications as legal entities. Check your local jurisdiction laws for more information. All such users assume any and all risk for using our utility tokens for participating within any governance DAO, blockchain or crypto ecosystem outside of our events ecosystem. PYBC, USDP and POINTS are utility tokens created for use within our events ecosystem and are not recommended to be used as speculative assets and hold no predicted or guaranteed value outside of our events ecosystems. Our USDP token is not a dollar equivalent nor US dollar substitute but used for easier in event denomination. Thus, not backed. We possess no fair value measurement analytics or data, subsequent events, financial statements of the AQUA network other than what is made public on the blockchain.

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