LUX Blockchain Validators

We are blockchain validators and builders since 2018. Starting as festival creators, expanding into blockchain builders and validators.

Delegated with reliable, safe and the highest reward yielding validators.

  • 37th

    LUNC Validator Ranking

  • 100%


  • 13th

    Least amount of missed blocks on LUNC Blockchain

  • $265k


Why delegate with LUX Blockchain Validators?

Our infrastructure is proprietary industry leading equipment ensuring security and reliability of LUX Blockchain Validators. Because delegation of your hard-earned resources must be trusted to reliable and secure validators with little to no risk of missing block signatures or being jailed.

  • Monitored 24/7 with proprietary software.
  • Standby to multiple sentry nodes.
  • Minimal missed block signatures.

LUX Blockchain Validators

Most blockchain projects have little to no actual utility. We are multi chain fintech payment application and blockchain validators.

In 2013, we started creating large scale festivals throughout America. To date, we have amassed an events ecosystem of over 250,000 foodies an enthusiast. In 2018, our love for technology led us to build a contactless wristband payment app on the Stellar blockchain for our events. Over the years, we have successfully partnered with the Chicago Cubs and as of October 2022, voted one of America’s top food truck festivals. Successfully pairing blockchain technology to real world utility.

Our focus is utility and multi blockchain utility to solve real world problems. Initially, we started as festival creators and have grown into multi blockchain builders and validators, where our main focus is utility. Stellar (XLM) blockchain was the first blockchain, built on learning how to build fast, low-cost secure payment applications. That’s how the LUX Payband brand was born & now LUX Blockchain Validators. We embraced utility.

Our goals are utility, reliability and security for end users. We build payment applications and validator nodes in furthering this utility. We are legally registered in the United States as Maned Owl Events, LLC our parent company in the state of Illinois and we act with full compliance with the law, and fully transparent in an industry shrouded in cryptography and multiple unknown parties.

LUX Payband Fintech Payment Application

Lux Payband is a blockchain fintech payment application designed for festivals and events. Utilizing the native token Payband Coin (PYBC) to make in event payments for goods and services reducing theft and increasing customer transactions.


Ticket purchased

  • Date April 1st
  • Event Name Concert
  • Quantity 1 Ticket
  • Total $30
  • Ticket Sent to Lux Payband

Concert purchases

  • $265k

    Total Value Locked

  • 1088

    Users Staking

  • 14.1%

    LUNC Staking APY% (V)


Non Custodial Staking

Earn passive income by securing Proof-of-Stake blockchains with reliable, reputable and secure validators hosted on industry leading and proprietary software and security.


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